At Boulderworld we offer various kids classes to suit all ability levels, from complete beginners to national competitors.

Spider Monkeys

Our spider monkeys class is for the youngest climbers in the centre (ages 3-6). This class focuses on teaching kids the fundamentals of climbing in exciting ways, through games and challenges. Perfect for active kids who want to take their first steps into climbing in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.


Our academy classes are well suited for a wide range of climbers, whether they are bouldering for the first time or have been climbing for several years. The focus of this class is on learning and developing climbing skills through activities with other climbers of the same age, to encourage kids to become safe and independent members of our centre. This class is split into junior (7-14) and senior (12-17) academy, both classes follow our BWIAS scheme in which kids receive a booklet of sessions to work through with our instructors as well as a certificate upon completion. 

Once per term, all kids will have the opportunity to attend our youth tryouts evening, if they are successful here they will be invited to join our squad or competition team.


This is a selection based class for experienced climbers (aged 7-17) who want to develop their skills and climb at a higher level. This class is ideal for motivated young climbers who want to improve in competition climbing, outdoor climbing or simply progress up through the grades within the centre. Climbers will be encouraged to work with other squad members during training sessions, in order to develop good climbing technique and a more thoughtful and tactics based approach to their climbing.

Competition Team

This is a selection based class for experienced climbers (aged 12+) who’s main focus for the given term is competition climbing. Throughout the term we follow a laid out plan with alternating sessions focusing on Strength,Power,Endurance,Onsighting and Competition Tactics leading up to a peak for the competition season.