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BoulderBonanza 3.12.22 Qualification Results (Finalised)

BoulderBonanza Qualification Round 3rd December 2022

Thanks so much to everyone who came and took part!

It really just couldn’t happen without your attitude and enthusiasm!

Great climbing, great atmosphere … great day ! We Really hope you enjoyed yourselves.

Below are the finalised qualification results. Congratulations to everyone, but especially those who have made it through to the Final round 11.02.23 (highlighted green/top 6 in each category)

You will all receive and email and a ‘Yes/No’ attachment for taking part in the final round in the next day or so.

For us it is all about giving as many people as possible the opportunity to compete at a level that is right for them, so if in the first wave of response people are certain they are unable to take part in the final … we will ask the next in line … so don’t loose hope just yet !

Please, if you haven’t made it … come and watch ! It will be a fun filled 4 on 4 off format … just like the pro’s ! Come and support them ! You never know next year it might be you wanting a bit of a cheer !

Finally ! A big thank you to Organic Climbing, Scarpa UK, La Sportiva UK, Mammut UK and Black Diamond UK for the amazing spot prizes !

… did we mention we have more for the final round !

And a huge thanks to the BWB staff and setters that allowed the day to run so smoothly and the routes to fun, challenging and encouraging for everyone … only a mildly stressful feat 😀


Thanks again … I’ll be in touch via email !


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