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Re Opening Competition

As we have completely reset and revamped the centre it seems only fitting that we run a competition on our ‘brand new’ competition wall.

We know you all may be a bit rusty after the break and maybe hesitant to take part… but fear not we have opted for a slightly different format.

This competition will consist of 60 problems with a full range of difficulties. You have 1 month to try and get to the top of as many of these as you can, but with no pressure of attempts.

The scoring in this case is worked out based on how many people get to the top of each climb. Each problem is worth 1000 points at the start and as people complete it the value decreases (1000 divided by the number of tops)  (i.e the harder the climb, the fewer the tops, therefore the higher the points rewarded.

So attempts don’t matter at all … perseverance is key …

What better way to get back into shape 🙂

So next time your in pick up a score card and get ticking !!


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