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Monday – Friday: 10am – 10pm
Saturday/Sunday 10am – 8pm.

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028 90 662 007

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Experienced Climbers

At BoulderWorld we have a wide range of difficulty levels from very easy for beginners, to very hard to challenge the best of climbers.

Our boulder problems are colour coded and divided into circuits of varying difficulty. Different coloured climbs mean different difficulty of climbs. Our current set up see’s Orange as our easiest and moving steadily up through Blue, White, Green, Yellow, Purple, Red, Black and Pink.

Everyone visiting our centre for the first time has to

watch our Induction Video and complete our Online Registration before starting.

You will also need a pair of climbing shoes which you can hire or purchase once you arrive.

Competent Climbers, not in need of instruction, can then come in and start climbing themselves.

No need to book ahead!

Any climber aged 14+ years who has climbed before and would describe themselves as a competent climber and wishes to use our centre unsupervised can fill in our Junior Assessment form at the centre.

This is a short form to prove competency and must be signed by a Parent/Guardian as well as a member of staff.